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It seems to have lost the magic...

First off, I don't want people to think that I hate Blockhead or whatever, I've been a fan of the series for quite some time. But the new episodes are just...I dunno, not funny.
I know this is just a short, not a real episode, but the old short was a lot better. The visuals have been greatly improved, but the comedy is lacking. Also, the Conscience didn't seem as nicely animated as he was in past episodes. When you changed the style of him, in episode 9, he was great! But in this one he seems to move kind of like a squid. He looks squishy.
I hate to say it, but I think Blockhead has died. The new episodes just aren't as good, even if the graphics do keep improving. Other series such as Mastermind are still great, but Blockhead is at an all-time low.

Pretty good

I must say you are a talented Samus Artist, but i think this movie would be better suited to a website like DeviantArt.com.
If you have already put it there or you dont like DeviantArt I apologize.

DrSkippy responds:

Actually i have never heard of the web page. People like what i am doing here though. Maybe you should check out the other two i have on here. Thanks.

I see you watch the family guy commentaires...

Thats what Sal the stock broker is from.
A joke that was taken out where Peter is shouting "SAL! SAL! SAL!" and it starts off a big stock market rush, then Peter says "Okay, Bye!"

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A neat concept, but it's not polished enough. There were too many frustrating moments where the blocks would get stuck in the wall, or stuck behind other blocks that were locked into switches.
Did have fun with it though!

I liked how ridiculous it was! But just some advice, if you want a game to feel more fast-paced and hectic, use more enemies with less health. The standard crocs felt like they had too much HP for my liking.

glowmonkey responds:

Thanks, good tip!

A good looking game with awful controls. Precise platforming and slippery controls don't mix well.
If you enjoy feeling like a ball on an ice rink (despite being a square) you'll love it.

Aspiring game dev and (mostly) pixel artist. I post a lot of fan art because I am trash.

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